• Family Package

    Family Package

    1 x 4oz, 1 x 8oz, 1 x 24oz, 1 x Gallon
  • Joe DeFranco Package

    Joe DeFranco Package


    Re-Fill Package - 6 x 1 Gallon,
    GYM Package-12 x 24oz,
    Team Package - 12 x 8oz

  • Clear Gear 1 Gallon Sprayer

    Clear Gear 1 Gallon Sprayer

    The newest addition to the Clear Gear line of products is the sought after 1 Gallon sprayer.

"My gym has become world-renowned for our results and hardcore atmosphere. But, it's extremely important to me that people don't confuse the term hardcore with 'dirty'. Part of my job is to provide my athletes with a safe and clean training environment. This is why the last set of every exercise in my gym is a spray of Clear Gear! Every gym that cares about the health and well-being of their clients should make Clear Gear their 'last set' as well!"